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Green Yoga for Studios
Welcome Studios!
Looking for a Green Yoga Studio? Find great studios in our Directory.

Thank you for all that your studio is doing to contribute to the well being of your students, community, and the planet.

We here to support your efforts to achieve your studio's mission. One of the cornerstones of the Green Yoga Association is the Green Yoga Studios program.

As a Green Yoga Studio you become part of a growing circle of studios from Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas.

Green Yoga Studios started as a pilot program in 2006 with the generous participation of 53 studios. Those studios initiated a green resource list for eco-yoga programs, renovation, mats and props, office and cleaning , and marketing.

Sign up is free with no annual renewal fee, yet please consider becoming a business member. When you sign up you make the commitment to Think Green . By thinking green you adopt the habit of considering the planet. This may often mean not merely purchasing or trying to achieve the "green" look, but adopting green values and smart eco-behaviors such as reducing use of plastics or fixing a leak.


  • Online listing in the Green Yoga Studio directory
  • Visibility in the news and at U.S. Yoga Journal Conferences
  • Advanced notice of Green Yoga teacher trainings and conferences
  • Certificate for your studio (downloadable after sign up)
  • Use of the Green Yoga Association logo on your website
  • Studio Updates and PRANA, e-news from the Green Yoga Association

  • To meet the wide range of sizes and locations of studios, the greening process for Yoga studios is self-monitoring and adaptable to your capacity.

    Getting Started: 5 Steps to Think Green

    • Keep it easy. Guide for getting started

    • Focus. Adopt an element or theme. We suggest the theme be grounded in green dharma, one value and planetary gift of air, water, trees, or soil.

    • (optional) Identify measurable benchmarks.  For example, if water is your focus, try reducing annual water usage by 3%.  If air is your focus, try reducing your studio's annual carbon emissions by 2,500pounds
    Tips to Create an Eco-Yogic Work Environment
    Tips to Create an Eco-Yogic Work Environment

    Adopt an element or eco-yogic theme then Develop eco-smart habits
    Green Studio Values
    The focus of GreenYoga Studios is to think green.  We suggest you select and stick with ONE statement, almost like a mantra that you use everytime that you make a decision.  For example, ask yourself "What are the ripple effects of this decision?" so that even though it might not be financially feasible to choose the decision that you might wish, you choose knowingly.  To select your theme with the help of the 5-step guide, first consider ahimsa.
    Green Studio Dharma

    To think green, GreenYoga Studios is grounded in Patañjali’s “great vow”– ahimsa, satya, asteya, brahmacarya, aparigraha. This vow of values is the internal guide for eco-yogic decisions.  

    Dharma (virtue or morality) and karma ground the family of Indic spirituality – Hinduism (with 6 philosophies including Yoga), Jainism, and Buddhism. Dharma from the root dhri (to hold, maintain) is the glue of life while karma teaches that every action has an effect. Contemporary Yoga studios are called upon to act with utmost responsibility and care for the Earth and her beings.

    The challenge is not what studios do but the commitment to make conscious choices in how their business not only cares for their financial health but the well-being of the planetary elements and beings.
    Carbon Emissions
    "Cutting the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere is a
    problem that must be addressed immediately." Trees for the Future

    Your Carbon Emissions:
    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it your score along with the square footage/meters of your studio to us.  Collectively Yoga Studios around the world can demonstrate an effort to reduce negative impacts on planetary elements and beings.  Note: the calculator at Countdown Your Carbon applies also to home users, so please overlook those questions that do not apply to your studio environment.

    Why Carbon Emissions?
    Carbon emissions is a way to show a collective effort on the part of Yoga Studios to care more for the planet.  In 2006, about 7.1 billion metric tons carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) of greenhouse gases were emitted by the United States alone.   Although we need naturally occurring greenhouse gases to support life as we know it on this planet, human activity has caused an abnormal increase in warming.

    • Plant a tree – each tree will absorb one ton of carbon emissions in an average lifetime of 40 years.  Contribute to international tree planting organizations.
    • Reduce jet mileage – save 0.417lb of carbon emissions for each mile not flown. 
    • Have local, instead of international, retreats.
    Green Yoga Studios Resources Page
    "It’s important to decide what green means to you. Each one of us
    will have our own view." Melissa  & Gary Margolin, Home Simply Yoga

    Tips from studios - PDF summary of studio conversations on energy conservation, marketing, rennovation, reducing toxins and energy use, green programs, and benefits of greening. 

    The Green Yoga Studios Resource Page includes links recommended by studios for:

    * Green Programs and Outreach

    * Renovation
    * Mats and Props
    * Office and Cleaning
    * Retail

    See also
    Eco Habits, Green Values, and Carbon Calulator

    Marketing Outreach Tips
    "People want to align with a philosophy that they resonate with.   Create a consistent representation of your core values.  

    Put up little signs everywhere telling people what you’ve done and why it’s important for the environment and for them.

    This helps kick in word-of-mouth marketing – your students will start talking about how wonderful your studio feels and why. If you can bring meaning into your student’s lives, it builds community.".
    Alon Sagee
    Renovation Tips

    Use -
    Reclaimed materials
    Local product
    Low gas paint, glues
    Local vendors
    Nontoxic cleansers
    Retail Tips

    "We offer our students retail items in a way that we feel has integrity, while educating them on the importance of consciously choosing eco friendly options that support the planet."
    Jolene Bennis Dimitroff


    Your support is vital


    We have been busy planting trees, researching yoga mats, highlighting green practices, and networking the community together.  And, we have seen a devestating oil spill, inaction on climate change, and corporate attempts to greenwash plastic.


    As the ecological crisis grows, yoga practice becomes an essential tool in managing our human response.


    Through our practice we maintain connection so that we can take effective action.


    Please support our efforts now.


    Mala of the Heart


    mala of the heartA new book of poetry, edited by Green Yoga volunteer Kate Vogt and Ravi Nathwani, provides a collection of timeless poems that celebrate the eternal spiritual truth within each heart.


    Available now via Amazon in the Green Yoga store

    Local Green Yoga

    Green Yoga Sanghas

    Download your guide to creating a local group of Green Yogis.

    Available in English, Espanol, Portuguese and Deutsch

    Sponsoring Businesses


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